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Welcome to Oak Grove Primary School's website! Here at Oak Grove Primary School, we have nearly 800 students and over 100 faculty members.  We are honored to be one of Mississippi's nine Model Schools as established by the Mississippi Arts Commission's "Whole Schools Initiative.  Additionally, OGP is a charter “Health is Academic” school by the Bower Foundation. We are supported by an exemplary PTO which strives to enhance learning opportunities for our children and teachers. Students attending our school benefit by receiving high quality, systematic and explicit, scaffolded, and research-based teaching strategies.  Our educators all subscribe to the philosophy of being life-long learners; therefore, we are always seeking out the most current approaches supported by evidence and research to meet the needs of every single student.  We welcome and invite you to learn more about us by viewing our "blocks" on our web page.

Alice Rainwater

Assistant Principal 
Annabeth Bates

Lead Teacher 
Linda Murray

Tracy Collier
Julie Williams
Stephanie Messina (Bookkeeper)

Attendance Clerk
Tanja Baxter

Fran Camille (K)
Jenni Cutrer (1st)

Behavior Specialist
Stacy Hodges

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